Graphic Requirements

Acceptable Software

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

How to send us your artworks

Please check the file size of your finished artwork and submit your files using the method listed below.

Under 8MB:

Email to [email protected]

8MB to 20GB:

Files can be submitted via

Digital Printing Requirements

  • All artwork must be supplied in either tif, psd, eps, or ai format.
  • All fonts and strokes must be converted to outlines.
  • All artwork must be supplied in CMYK. We cannot print RGB.
  • Do not flatten layers and please remove all hidden layers.
  • Final artwork must have all images embedded, no linked files. Please provide originals in a separate file.
  • Only provide the artwork that is to be printed.
  • Please crop all images to the provided templates.
  • Minimum stroke size to prevent detail loss is .25″

File Resolution & Scale (Digital Printing Only)

For optimum quality, your artwork should have a minimum resolution of 100 dpi at actual size. You may choose to work in a smaller scale, rather than at full size, but the resolution must be adjusted accordingly.

  • Make sure to adjust your DPI according to the scale you are working at. Multiply the required resolution by the same number you would multiply your scaled file at to reach actual size. For example, if you are working at half size (50% scale), you would have to multiply that scale by 2 to reach actual size (100%). Likewise, you multiply the required resolution (100 dpi) by 2, so your required resolution at 50% is 200 dpi. See the table below for resolution requirements for common scaling factors.
  • Please indicate what scale you used when submitting your file.
  • Please keep important graphics 3” from each edge to avoid having the graphic covered by the edging once sewn.
100 dpi
200 dpi
400 dpi
1000 dpi